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1.4. External aid
With the objective to assure the credibility of the Competition SAE BRAZIL
AeroDesign and to preserve the educational intentions of this competition,
responsible professor of each team must forbid, during all the phases of
project and construction, the aid and/or participation of person (s) with ample
related knowledge and experience to the competition (former. a constructor
professional of models) and whose contribution could unbalance, of form
decisive, the condition of equality between the competitor teams.
In this direction, the responsible professor must commit itself, signing
pertinent, enclosed term in Appendix 6.5.
1.5. Requirements of the pilot
Although the project and construction of the aircraft must necessarily be of
authorship of the students who integrate each team, the pilot does not need to be one
member of the team and neither associate to SAE BRAZIL. It is condition
necessary, however, that the pilot experienced and is certifyd regularly
for the Brazilian Association of Aeromodelling (BORDER) (in other words:
to possess PT). The wallet of member of the original BORDER it must be presented
in the occasion of the competition, before the flights.
For the cases where the team does not make use of a pilot at the moment of
competition Committee Technician will be able to disponibilizar a substitute, in the terms of
Appendix 6.7.
1.6. Tax of Registration
The registration tax will have to be sent to SAE BRAZIL until the date has limited,
as Appendix 6,6, together with the Form of Registration and Term
of Responsibility (Appendix 6,5). The registration tax will not be restituted
under any hypothesis. It is responsibility of the team to certify itself of that
payment of the tax has been received in order to guarantee its registration.
The registration form meets available in the site of SAE BRAZIL
in the Internet:
1.7. Registrations of some airplanes of the same institution of
More than one has equipped pertaining the same institution of superior education can
to participate of the Competition, since that observed the following restrictions:
• To each enrolled airplane will have to correspond a distinct team.
• Each enrolled airplane will have to be visibly distinct in its dimensions e
geometric forms.
• The teams will be able eventually to work together, however its philosophies
of project they will have to be distinct.
• The enrolled airplanes will have to demonstrate clear differences of project enter
itself. One understands that different projects follow distinct lines of reasoning
in the definition of each airplane.
• Each student could be enrolled in a team so only.

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1.8. Configuration of the airplane
1.8.1. Type of the Airplane and Restrictions (Classrooms Regular and Opened)
Aircraft of fixed wings only have permission to compete. It is vetoed
participation of any aircraft that:
• Funcionem for fluctuation of gases lighter than air (for example,
airships and balloons), or that they make use of gases less dense than air
that they provide to any type contribution for the sustentation.
• Produzam sustentation for rotating wings (for example, helicopters,
autogyros and girocópteros).
• Has another type of propellant, additional or auxiliary. The only form of
propulsion of the airplane must be through the motor standard.
• Utilizem devices auxiliary in the take-off that do not belong to the airplane
(including aid human being) and that they will not be connected physically to
airplane when it to settle
• Has sharp tips or edges that can come to aggravate wounds in
case of accidents (examples: winglets or end-plates, made in plate of
metallic material or with sharp and/or cutting tips).
1.8.2. Reutilização of the airplane
When an airplane already will have participated of a AeroDesign competition (for
any team, either of the same school or not), the use of the same one
aircraft, its structure or of the same project are forbidden, not to be that
substantial modifications have been made and can clearly be
These changes must daily pay-be approved by the organizador committee of the event
e duly registered. Adequate reference to the previous approval for
organizador committee, including date, must be enclosed in the Report of the Project.
Maximum date for sending of the relative documentation to the reutilização of the airplane: one
month before the sending of the Report of Project. The approval will be answered in
maximum in two weeks.
Examples of projects that require the approval:
• Airplanes with one or more parts I contend geometric similarities e
aerodynamics with regard to those used in previous years.
Former: airplane that in 2006 has the same wing (form in plant and profile
aerodynamic), or the same fuselage of one another one that has competed
in previous years.
• Airplanes visually seemed (in format) with airplanes used in
previous competitions.
• Airplanes without visible differences in form and that they have been only
improved or optimized in relation the airplanes used in competitions
Airplanes that keep small differences with another airplane, used in
previous competition, will not be allowed (as, for example, the use of

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exactly airplane of the previous year with only the horizontal empennage
The Report of Project, as well as plants and material for the presentation
verbal they must be different, that is, cannot have format the same, exactly
reasoning of project, same assays used in previous competitions.
The Report of Project must show clearly that it is about a project
Texts (or paragraphs) very similar between the reports of the current year
e of the previous years will not be accepted and will constitute base for penalização
of the project in question.
Conclusions, despite shining, that they have been presented in
reports of previous competitions, will not be considered.
The Committee Technician understands that the teams that if they form to participate of
AeroDesign must develop a project to participate, and all the process
of work it must be restarted to each project.
For teams or members that had participated of previous competitions, it is
acceptable that they learn with the errors and they project an airplane with solutions stops
the problems lived deeply in the previous competitions, or same that optimize
the airplane used in previous competition, some aspect (fuselage for
example). In these cases IT IS REQUIRED and OBLIGATOR the authorization stops
the reutilização of the airplane.
In case that airplanes are detected that are not characterized as new projects,
e the authorization will not have been required and approved, the team will be informed
duly informed and outcast. Such measure can even occur
exactly during transcorrer of the Competition.
If evidenced any occurrence of plagiarism in any part of the report,
final punctuation STRONG will be penalizada.
1.9. Modifications and Not Conformity - Loss of Points
1.9.1. Modifications in the airplane
Modifications in the airplane will have to be presented in writing the Committee
Technician even in the maximum 15 days before the beginning of the Competition. The judges will go
on the basis of to define discountings of points the magnitude of the alterations
introduced, if compared with the project as described in the report
presented originally. Modifications made during the competition - they are
to improve/to correct the project, they are for curing security problems
identified durantes the inspections - they will only be allowed if approved
previously for the juízes that integrate the Committee Technician and they will be citizens
penalties if to imply in not conformity with the project. The decision
of the juízes regarding the modification it could not be questioned by the team.
Modifications communicated and approved with antecedence will not be
penalizadas severely, being able to result in declassification of the team.

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1.9.2. Not conformity with the rules
The verification of conformity with requirements does not stop: 1 - compartment
of load (including dimensions of the load compartment lesser that
specified), 2 - aircraft of bigger dimensions that the principles
delimited in item 2.2.1 and 3 - not agreement project/airplane, will suffer
penalties daily pay-defined not being able until resulting in declassification of
1.10. Identification of the airplane
The identification of the airplane must be the following one:
1.10.1. Number of the Team
The number of the team must be glue in the aircraft in the following places:
On and in low of one of the wings.
Both the sides of the vertical stabilizer.
Both the sides of the fuselage (in the part most visible of this).
The numbers demarcated in the wings of each airplane must have 10 at least
cm of height to be made in legible and indeléveis letters.
In the fuselage and the vertical empennage (stabilizing and helm) such numbers
they could be proportional the used area for glue. Case the number not
either visible and it makes it difficult the fast identification of the aircraft, the team could be
The number of the team is determined by the order of act of receiving of
1.10.2. Name of the education institution
The name of the education institution (school and/or university) must be
shown clearly in the wings or the fuselage. The initials of the institution of
only education e can be used will be reconhecíveis national.
The identification of the education institution does not exclude the necessity of
identification of the team, as above specified.
1.11. Claims, Protests and Suggestions
1.11.1. Claims and Protests
Any claims in relation the errors in the punctuation or another aspect of
competition, will only have to be carried through in writing, with the fulfilling
of specific form to be supplied by the Committee Technician, during
to elapse of the competition. The claims will have obligatorily to be
identified and signed for the captain of the claiming team. The forms
they will have to be you deliver to a representative of the committee and will be duly
considered for this Committee so soon it is possible, during the competition.
If pertinent, the Committee Technician will take the necessary actions with the had one
notification to possible the claiming team as soon as in the maximum until the day
following. Claims made in the last day of the competition will even have reply
one week after the competition, before the official spreading of the punctuation.